Mobile PCR Tests

Covid19 tests with the reliability of PCR tests, but with short run times like antigen rapid tests: With its Covid-ID Lab test system, the Canadian XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. closes the gap between the previously available test options. The product has been available on the market since May 2021 and is distributed throughout Europe by Max Pharma GmbH.

Mobile PCR rapid test

The Covid19 tests used worldwide are based on two approaches:

  • Antigen tests detect the presence of certain viral proteins. These tests work quickly, but are very inaccurate.
  • PCR tests detect whether viral DNA is present. These tests work extremely precisely, but are slow, expensive and involve complex logistics. Typically, a sample is taken from the nasal mucosa and processed in a central laboratory. Conventional PCR tests require large batches of 500 to 1000 samples at a time to be cost-effective. Results are usually available within 24 to 72 hours. In the meantime, the people tested have usually come into contact with many more people.

The new Mobile PCR Test System has the accuracy of PCR tests, but works very quickly because the samples do not have to be sent to a central laboratory: The test result is available after only 25 minutes.

Mobile PCR - step 1

Step 1: sample collection

Mobile PCR - step 2

Step 2: run test

Mobile PCR - step 3

Step 3: provide results

A simple nasal or throat swab is used for the test. The sample is examined in a mobile laboratory that can be set up practically anywhere.

The Covid-ID Lab mobile test is based on the reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method and requires only a 20-minute PCR run time, without prior RNA extraction. After the RT-PCR procedure, the sample is applied to a test chip. Within 5 minutes, SARS-CoV-2 viruses are detected and the test result (positive or negative) is visually displayed.

Some possible applications

Due to the short test times, the mobile PCR tests not only offer reliable results, they can also be optimally integrated into many scenarios:

  • Airports, shipping, etc.: Travellers can get tested and have the results conveniently sent to their mobile phone while they collect their luggage – even before they board their flight or leave the premises.
  • Schools: Children can be temperature tested at the entrance; those showing signs of illness can be tested and go to classes after 25 minutes – or be sent to quarantine.
  • Public events, companies: Visitors can be tested before entering public areas such as concerts, restaurants, shops or construction sites.

In spring 2021, an extensive practical trial of the mobile Covid-ID Lab PCR tests took place. XPhyto and Max Pharma were able to win the Spitzweg Apotheke in Langen near Frankfurt a.M. as a partner. The well-known pharmacy, which specializes in oncology products, currently operates a COVID-19 test center in a clinic where it also offers pharmacy services for cancer patients. The mobile PCR rapid tests made it possible to quickly and reliably ensure test safety for relatives during clinic visits.

Europe distribution

The Covid-ID Lab PCR tests are available in Germany since 25 May 2021. The price is order quantity dependent and is in the range of the COVID-19 PCR test products currently on the market. Initial production capacities are secured; further production capacities are available depending on demand.

If you are interested in Covid-ID Lab in Germany or Europe, please contact:

Max Pharma GmbH
Phone: +49 (0) 9281-840-160